Extra-Curricular Activities

Sterling International School places a strong emphasis on teaching leadership skills to our students. We do this in a variety of ways using our extra-curricular program.

Students are also encouraged to join other after school programs at a token fee. Apart from Graphic Design which is compulsory for all, pupils may choose from a variety of co-curricular activities including:

  • Red Cross (Free /Dues)
  • Bible Club (Free /Dues)
  • Drama Club (Free /Dues)
  • French Club (Free /Dues)
  • Choir (Free /Dues)
  • Dance Club (Free /Dues)
  • Current Affairs Club (Free/Dues)
  • Tae Kwando (Paid)
  • Woodwork Club (Paid)
  • Musical Instruments (Paid)
  • Needlework Club (Paid)
  • Art and Craft Club (Paid)
  • Swimming (Paid)
  • Junior Entrepreneurs Club (Paid)